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New Book Unveils the Science Behind the Art of Living Well

Living Well by Greg Horn details Six Pillars for Living Your Best Life.

What’s more important than Living Well?
We only get one life to live. How can we make it our best? That’s the big question addressed in the new book: Living Well Six Pillars for Living Your Best Life

Best-selling author Greg Horn, a pioneer in health and wellness and the former CEO of both GNC and Garden of Life, has consolidated countless research studies on health and nutrition to explain the science behind the art of Living Well. Greg’s access to the world’s leading health experts and experience in the nutrition business let him synthesize and simplify a vast amount of information across a variety of fields—distilling the findings of numerous studies into simple, memorable, and sometimes surprising principles about what really works to improve your health and the quality of your everyday life.

Informative and accessible, Living Well proves that a health book can be exciting and even intriguing as it incorporates the Six Pillars of Living Well: Thinking Well, Eating Well, Moving Well, Sleeping Well, Hosting Well and Staying Well – into one whole life plan.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • What “obesogens” are, and how to avoid them.
  • Why walking can be twice as beneficial to your longevity as running.
  • Why gut bacteria can have more impact on your weight than exercise.
  • New insight on why we need sleep and how it detoxifies your brain.
  • How just one hour of extra sleep per day can make you healthier, smarter, sexier and more productive.
  • How sitting for long periods doubles your health risks, even if you exercise every day.
  • Why you have no “free time” and the one thing you can do to get it back.
  • Why regular swimmers have the health of people 20 years younger.

Living Well not only informs you about these surprising health discoveries, it also breaks down what the latest scientific research has to say about living a healthy lifestyle into an action plan that anyone can follow, offering simple and effective ways to turn these insights into actions that can change your health and improve the quality of your life.

Living Well is available at,, and in bookstores everywhere.

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Greg is a real pro.  He is an exceptionally clear thinker who can adapt and understand many complex situations.  He has vast experience and knowledge to pull from across many functional disciplines and has proven ability to build a team around a project who knows and understands the mission and the message.  Lastly his principles are top notch!

Tim Richerson
, Past Owner Alan James Group
; Former CEO Interleukin Genetics
 ; Former President Rexall Sundown, Inc.

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